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You're not tech-savvy and don't have time to design your store?

You can count on us. We have a few optional design packages that will help you to start fast.

Express setup

All the tools necessary for a fast and easy start to your ecommerce business

$99 one time
Branding setup
Basic store setup
Design with templates
Creation time 24h
3 rounds of revisions


Semi-custom setup

Fast and easy start but with more personalized features

$249 one time
Branding setup
Custom designed shop pages
Creation time 5-7 business days
Help with 3rd-party Integrations
Lead Designer
5 rounds od revisions

Custom setup

Custom store for maximum conversion and growth

$1199 one time
Branding setup + Logo
Complete custom design
Blog setup + 5 articles
Creation time 14-21 business days
Help with 3rd-party Integrations
Dedicated Lead Designer
Niche Research *
Unlimited revisions

General questions

1. Ecomly store
Your templated, semi-custom, or fully custom-made online store. This includes your visual editor, to easily make changes and updates to your site, or even to build out entire pages yourself!

2. Support & Hosting
The base monthly fee covers your site hosting fees, plugin upgrades, support more. Your site is hosted on a professional-grade server hosting environment with CDN deployment. Automatic WordPress updates are performed at the network level and tested to ensure your site is firing on all cylinders. You’ll get automatic feature updates to our own host of plugins as well! In addition, your site is backed up daily, to ensure you never have to worry.

The monthly fee begins once your site is provisioned (meaning we start development) as that is when we provision space on our network and activate your theme, plugin. This is factored into our pricing.

Regarding store design we build your store using our pre-made templates, but we are flexible. Most of the work is typography, colors, products import and online store adjusting by your information submitted in order form.

We also set up other necessary pages for you: Shop, Category, Product page, My Account, Wishlist, Contact, About. Design of additional pages will be additionally quoted.

You can work on your site as well after we deliver it to you. Free design experience is available with a built-in page builder and template library.

How Basic setup is more template one, Semi-custom is a more complete design. You will have a Lead designer assigned to your project. We design all the pages: Shop, Category, Product page, My Account, Wishlist, Contact, About, Blog, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use. Design of additional pages will be additionally quoted.

Everything is like Semi-custom but with a complete custom solution.

You own all of the unique content on the website, Ecomly proprietary technology is non-transferable and 3rd party plugins would have to be re-licensed in the event that you wanted to move your website to it’s own WordPress installation – the process of which is definitely not a straightforward copy/paste process and we’ll elaborate a bit more – In the event that you wanted to discontinue your Ecomly store and move to a separate WordPress installation:

We will create a WordPress export file which would include all of your posts, pages, menu structure and products.

You will need to hire a designer to recreate your Ecomly website design, and purchase all required 3rd party software.

Note: This is very important to mention – if you decide to move your site away from Ecomly you will lose all of our proprietary tools and features that come with your site. These include items such as Ecomly Admin, Ecomly Studio etc. Also as mentioned previously, 3rd party plugins and theme frameworks would have to be re-installed and in some cases re-licensed.

Usually, it takes 1-3 weeks. It depends on the package you’ve chosen. The quicker you share your vision with your personal manager and the more you cooperate with them, the sooner we’ll deliver the ready store to you!
Absolutely! We’ve designed Ecomly to be a code-free platform. That means you don’t need to know HTML or CSS to be able to create beautiful pages with our platform. And our friendly support team are always here for you if you need any help getting setup.
We take your site’s security very seriously – below is everything we do to secure our network! 1. We back maintain regular backups of our sites and all related data. We keep these backups both on our network for quick recovery, and “off-site” with a different provider in the event of a disaster. So, if our provider were to suddenly implode with no notice, we would at the very least still have all of the data so we could get back online elsewhere without losing any data. 2. We have a dedicated firewall in front of our servers. Our actual servers are disconnected from the outside world and cannot be accessed directly. All traffic, including loading a page on one of our sites, goes through the firewall. This allows us to very quickly spot and block any offending or questionable traffic if (when…) we need to. 3. If there is any traffic that is questionable (but we can’t be 110% confident it is “bad”), or may potentially cause undue stress on our infrastructure (ie: something that could cause slowdown, such as bots and overly-aggressive “uptime checks”) we sandbox it so it does not affect anybody else. We don’t want to block legitimate traffic, so if we’re not completely sure it’s bad traffic, we just isolate it until we know for sure. 4. Nobody—not even Ecomly devs–have direct access to the files that run your site. The only way to upload new files is our deployment system. Those files are run through a series of automated tests, and the upload is halted if something fails or there is anything questionable about them. 5. We are a managed service, so no clients are able to upload via FTP or install their own plugins. All such requests have to go through Ecomly support. Any additional plugins that may be requested are tested and vetted through senior support and DevOps staff to ensure that they do not compromise our network. This is done before such plugins come anywhere near live sites. 6. All code that we write internally for our own plugins and frameworks is reviewed by at least one or two other developers before being considered for deployment on a live site. 7. We have not had a verified hack to date. In short: we have physical barriers in place to prevent unauthorized access to our systems, as well as tools in place to prevent *US* from accessing them directly unless authorized by senior system administration staff. Mistakes happen—better to be safe than sorry!
Ecomly does not ask for any documents from you to set up your website. In most countries, you can start dropshipping business as a private individual, without any registration. If you need any legal help we can help!

We do not host emails. Suitable options are and

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