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General Questions

You own all of the unique content on the website, Ecomly proprietary technology is non-transferable and 3rd party plugins would have to be re-licensed in the event that you wanted to move your website to it’s own WordPress installation – the process of which is definitely not a straightforward copy/paste process and we’ll elaborate a bit more – In the event that you wanted to discontinue your Ecomly store and move to a separate WordPress installation:

We will create a WordPress export file which would include all of your posts, pages, menu structure and products.

You will need to hire a designer to recreate your Ecomly website design, and purchase all required 3rd party software.

Note: This is very important to mention – if you decide to move your site away from Ecomly you will lose all of our proprietary tools and features that come with your site. These include items such as Ecomly Admin, Ecomly Studio etc. Also as mentioned previously, 3rd party plugins and theme frameworks would have to be re-installed and in some cases re-licensed.

Yes, we have that option. For custom store usually takes 1-3 weeks. The quicker you share your vision with your personal manager and the more you cooperate with them, the sooner we’ll deliver the ready store to you!

You will get an individually created, fully functioning online store that is completely ready for selling (optional) with Support provided by real Ecommerce experts with lots of experience. Complete managed system, daily updates and more.

Absolutely! We’ve designed Ecomly to be a code-free platform. That means you don’t need to know HTML or CSS to be able to create beautiful pages with our platform. And our friendly support team are always here for you if you need any help getting setup.

Yes. You can choose any plugin from our add-on list or find it in the WP repository. Since the complete online store backend is managed by us, we suggest checking your plugin compatibility and then install on the store.

In that way, we keep everything up to date and safe for use.


Only Ecomly customers can use the support services for the products he’s acquired from Ecomly in the form of the subscription or as separate items.
The average estimated answer time from Ecomly support team is 24 hours (1 day).However, in most of the cases, the support agent responds in 1-2 hours. In some cases, a more detailed investigation is needed, and the support agent will inform you that the solution needs time to be implemented by developers. In this case, the response time will depend on how quickly the developers will provide the needed fix.
Please, note, that no matter how hard we want to help you, sometimes we are not able to do it. We won’t be able to provide help in case:
  • Where our team can’t reproduce the issue from our side;
  • There’s a compatibility issue with a third-party product, that doesn’t support Elementor page builder or Ecomly;
  • the issue happens in the browser which is not supported by Ecomly products and Elementor;
  • the question asked is not related to Ecomly products acquired from Ecomly’s official website;
  • the question features additional customization and functionality not provided by Ecomly products (in this case it is recommended to add a feature request).
We apologize, but we won’t be able to help you in the cases listed above

The support services are provided in the following cases:

  • you’ve faced an issue caused by any of products provided by Ecomly and need assistance to solve it;
  • you find it difficult to work with the functionality provided by products from Ecomly subscription and need guidance or assistance from the support team.
  • you want to add third-party plugins
  • you need advice for niche to chose

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